Homage to Orisa-nla – powerfull Orisa Obatala

I been fortunate in life to be witness to many special moments , moments that mark something special in my life as witness to something truly amazing. This post i want to share with all of you a picture which i took some time ago . This pictures speaks for its self as many of the ones here , I invite all of you to remember the remarkable moment and energy felt when in the presence of Orisa

From what i recall it is a moment of Bliss – filled with light and positivity – something that cannot be duplicated , held or even described. So while life can bring us many surprises ups , downs , and twists lets try to go back to the feeling that i call ” PURITY ”


When life gives us curves , we should remember those before us those who paved the way for Ile Ife and those who forgave so that we may also forgive and do our best to fill our harts with ” Purity ”  I pay homage and respect to Baba-Fun Fun  may he give us patience ,wisdom and understanding since he created us with this quality may he continue to grant us with this blessing.

Let us respect each other , and most important find a way to forgive , life is not perfect and even in the story of the creation it tells of error that was made. We are not Olodumare just his children , let us respect each other as Obatala created us to do so.

Aboru , Aboye , Abosise !


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