Muddy Waters

So i was on facebook just doing some my regular greeting and connecting with those who are far,… I came across this comment and

thought it was interesting ,  What are all your thoughts on this?

       What is the profound thought that is inspired on this Ose Orisa Obatala, Orisa Yemo, Orisa Obaluaiye, Ebora Egungun Nla, and Iyami Osoronga?

Why is it when those of us in the Diaspora, who are led to the fresh water of Ifa and Orisa education continue to love drinking the muddy waters of limited information portrayed as the real thing? How effective can this  be to you in the end?

BY : Fayomi Falade Aworeni Obafemi (Oloye)


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The Power Of Aja & Ogun

Ogun will bless all babalawo and all omo awo…? Iwori we e n da .,. ogbo ogun …ebo ni ka maru … adifa fun aji jo ola ogun ..ero opo ..ero ofa ..ti oba bi ni nibe e;; ogun nibo …? ogun a gbe wa o ? bi gbon suti i ..ogun agbe mi leke…bi gbon suti i ogun a gbe wa leke ….. ase oooooooooooooooooooooooooo​………

                         The power of Ajala , This is the Yoruba word that can translate to “warrior.”  Today i pay homage to Ogun and his warrior manifestation.  The hunters in traditional Yoruba culture are also the known as the warriors. They are called Ajala which literally translates as “Dog of White Cloth.” The dog in Ifá is a messenger to Spirit like the Nimbus in Egyptian culture. It is not a derogatory reference but when you say that you are a dog of white light, you are saying that you are a messenger of ethical conduct. In the act of making ebo you become Ajala. You become the vehicle in which ethical conduct is incarnated. White cloth is a reference to white light which is the principle that is at the foundation of the idea that everything is connected Ogun Lakaye we praise and give homage to you baba we recognize that the chain was a important instrument when one used it to climb down from heaven to earth. Ogun allow us to be successful and to always be needed in the same way the we need and depend on all your instruments of metal.   Ase’Ogun a gbe wa o


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