2010-2011 Odu of the Year , ( Letra Del Anio )

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The Odu of the year revealed for the whole world as it affects all and sundry in the year 2010/2011 is OSE ONIBARA


In this Odu, IFA foresees the ire of prosperity for all IFA devotees all over the world. IFA says that the IFA devotees, and especially those who are initiated into IFA, do not need to search too far to seek success. Their success lies within their immediate environment.

People should consult Òrúnmìlà before going on a trip looking for progress. We all should continue following the direction of IFA for anything that we intend to do. Women need to be more dedicated to IFA in terms of worship, study, and care. They will be blessed with lots of success. Women with this Odù IFA must never at anytime depart or derail from the path of IFA because all their achievements/accomplishments in life rest on IFA. IFA is their refuge and solace at anytime. They must follow the tenets, advice, and injunctions of IFA at all times. Women must marry IFA (becoming Iyanifa or Iyawo Ifa) or an Awo IFA in order to have a blissful life. They must be consistent in their dedication to IFA. Barren women should propitiate the Ibeji to be able to have children. Feeding Obatala, Òsun, IFA, and Egungun with specific items, will guarantee success in this matter.Women that are already pregnant should propitiate Egbé to avoid abiku children. Verses of ÒséBàrà are chanted to children so the might not suffer lack accomodation in the world when they grow up. The sacrifice prescribed must be performed to avert ailment or for sound health and quick recovery in case there is affliction already. This sacrifice should include an appeasement for the Iyamis (Ipese). Once finished, it will ward off all the negative forces that may be surrounding the IFA devotees. It will also put a stop to bad dreams and nightmares that could also generate illness and affliction in the community.

This Odù is recalling the need to get closer to IFA for comfort and good health. If the devotees are persistent with IFA, success, honor and prosperity will be theirs. All followers of IFA have to be careful in their associations with people, especially when it comes to go out for social engagements. All must avoid situations whereby the enemies may use certain evil means to tarnish or cause a blemish to their skin. Nobody should use dishonest ways to get money. People shall be paid back in whatever means or measure they use. Babalawos are being reminded that should not be greedy. Òrúnmìlà said that we should notice those that eat with greed. Their terminal end would never be fine. But whoever eats little by little, and refuses to take what is not his, that person would never suffer in the hands of his foes. Babalawos must be truthful and do all their things with truth.

Awos of IFA should carry their Iroke at all times and sound it anytime they advert some danger. If the IFA devotees perform the prescribed sacrifice, peace, tranquility, and recognition will be for them. Their life will improve tremendously in all senses. In addition, Awos IFA may expect a title. Everybody, but especially Awos IFA, are commanded to treat everybody well, to be gentle, and helpful. That will bring us lots of well being.

People must be careful using around the neck region articles of ostentation, such as trinkets, bangles, etc., that may cause them ailments. The ebo under Òsé Òbàrà is crucial to bounce the person back to life. All the ones that not progressing as they used to, will regain prestige and success back once they offer the prescribed ebo.

This is an Odù IFA to be honored, become famous, and well respected in the community. IFA promises that whoever follows these advices shall never be disgraced in life. Too many people are looking forward for the humiliation and disgrace of the IFA devotees, but their wishes will not progress. The IFA devotees will never be humiliated even if they have no money to attend certain events in which their financial attention is required. It is very important to propitiate Orí and the father’s Orí to impede disgraces of any kind. The influence of this Odù will generate more adepts getting initiated into IFA and more adepts getting initiated into Òsun. During this IFA year more people will get involved in the music business, in education, in the medical field, and administration. Òsé Òbàrà will ensure that all Awos, together with all respectful and dedicated IFA devotees, will win the battle against their enemies. They will be surrounded by enemies but IFA will stop them. IFA will help his true followers win all sorts of wars, including cold wars. Òsé Òbàrà is chanted in many IFA houses in the morning reverences to IFA to guarantee the coming of all sorts of good things in life.

This very powerful Odù states that all the good things that are coming will come in pairs. In most parts of Yoruba land, when an ebo riru is performed, after praying the verses of the Odù cast (and requiring ebo riru), various verses of the closest sibling Odù are chanted right after. The Awo performing the ebo riru will invoke   the presence of the closest sibling Odù in order to help the Odù by which the ebo riru is being performed. Òsé Òbàrà is the Omo Ìyá Rè (closest sibling) Odù of Òbàrà Òsé, which is the Odù of the Olorí of the Isese Onirunmole Temple, Ifagbeja Ifase. We ask Olódùmarè that this Odù Òsé Òbàrà may save, support, protect, and help him in his endeavors. We also pray Olódùmarè to allow Ifagbeja Ifase, as Omo Òbàrà Òsé, to be a vehicle of IFA to save, support, protect, and help the rest of the world always, and especially now under the influence of the sibling Odù Òsé Òbàrà.

Ase Ase Ase O






  1. –  Òsun
  2. –  Yemoja
  3. –  Esu Odara




  1. -Must not be adulterous, especially with a married person
  2. -Must never leave the path of IFA
  3. -If a woman, must not marry someone who has no IFA
  4. -If a man, must not marry a —– woman
  5. -Must always comport his/herself, and must behave maturely
  6. -Must not run down another person
  7. -Must not sell guinea corn
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  1. Thank u for posting. Foe the taboos number 4 means not to marry a ___ woman? Can u clarify please. Ahain Thankuforpost

    Comment by sarah | June 10, 2010 | Reply

  2. Aboru Aboye…thank you for your comment it is speaking about
    Ifa , man should not marry someone who has no ifa , meaning his Apetebi should be initiated into IFA , as Iyanifa

    Comment by Osun Dare' | June 10, 2010 | Reply

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