Open Invite IFA Orisha Conference

Orisa Conference – Tradition and the Present   Location:  Miami-Dade College North Campus

May 22, 2010

11380 NW 27 Ave, Miami FL

Room # 2151 Building # 2

time:  9am to 1pm

We invite all Orisa houses and temples for an conference that will address the issues of the present state of affairs of the various Orisa communities and traditions in South Florida and beyond.  Representatives of differing african-based religious communities, especially those that are Yoruba-based (including Indigenous Yoruba Orisa Tradition, Lucumi Tradition, Candomble Tradition, and Trinidad and Tobago Orisa Traditiion) will have opportunities to make suggestions as to how we can move forward honoring each others’ right to exist as well as educating ourselves with regards to differences in ritual and theology and respecting those variations. We invite all to come listen and participate .

Specific areas to be discussed include:

– traditional ceremonies of the various communities

– rights to practice

– the inclusion of priests of differing orisa houses in each others’ ceremonies

– each religious community co-existing and respecting the others’ customs and rights to practice according to their house, lineage, community, or even as a separate branch of Orisa Tradition

– other topics and suggestions that might need to be addressed

The first speaker and moderator will be priest/babaloosa Mr. Jose A Montoya

followed by speakers representing each of the traditions and communities that will participate that day.

Only one representative of each house or temple will be able to speak for a total of 5 minutes to make their proposals or suggestions.  The allotted time in total for all proposals will be an hour and 30 minutes, for 18 speakers given 5 minutes each.  Those that will be allowed to speak will include a representative of each temple, religious body, as well as those that are not affiliated with any given temple nor organization but that are recognized as respected priests in the general community.

After all presentations of proposals have been submitted, there will be a review and discussion after which there will be a voting by all those present to determine the number of participants in agreeance with a final document that will be submitted for signing at that time.

Those media professionals that would like to attend and document the event must RSVP and register prior to the event and will not be allowed entry.  There will be a 15 minute slot of time for a media conference when questions can be made to the panel.  There will not be any statements made to the press outside of the conference.

In order to RSVP and register for the conference you must send an email to

To be a speaker at the conference

Your email must include the following:

Name of your legally registered temple or church

Name of your house if it is not registered with the government

Name of your house or temple chief priest

Address, phone number, and email

Names of those accompanying you, a total of 5 participants per temple or house

For the media and press, names of reporter, videography or cameraman, and name of body of media company being represented.  No media coverage of any body of media will be permitted without previous registration.

Those that are not in agreeance with others’ rights to religious expression and practice need not register nor attend.  We reserve the right to attendance and participation in the conference.  This is a free event and space is limited so please respond ASAP.

Registration is open

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  1. We look forward to this very necessary and auspicious gathering….The Royal House of Adefunmi ati Aladahunu!

    Comment by Kingdom of Oyotunji | May 4, 2010 | Reply

  2. A ki gbogbo Iku ati Orisa ti re.
    Good day, we pray all is well.
    Eku Se!!! The conference is a great idea and long overdue.
    Lets begin to plan a series of them now.
    You have made a start, let us keep it going.
    We are a chief and priest at Oyotunji Yoruba
    African village. This year we are celebrating
    40 years as an Orisa Shrine, Temple,
    Village, Institution in America.
    The African Theological ArchMinistry the
    name of the temple. The chief priest is Oluwa Akintobi.
    We would like our representatives who reside in south Florida or able to travel there, to attend, and present proposals to the conference for discussion.

    Our name: Oluwa Alagba Olaitan

    Address: ATA Inc.
    PO Box 51
    Sheldon,SC 29941

    Phone: 843 846 6256

    Email: or
    Take care.
    Alagba Olaitan

    Comment by Oluwa Alagba Olaitan | May 17, 2010 | Reply

  3. well done for that. i share the dream

    Comment by Nigeria News | April 28, 2011 | Reply

    • We are back from Lagos , Nigeria pictures coming soon

      Comment by Osun Dare' | May 8, 2011 | Reply

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