Man possessed puts knife through his neck but no blood !

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Ok i had to put this video up which shows the power and ability of the Orisa , many people claim to pass a spirit or be possessed as its technically called here we can see the true wonders of what a REAL possession by a Orisha (Head Deity /Guardian Angel) can be like. Ogun is a very powerful Orisa who is the owner of all metals. When Ogun himself  is on earth and manifest himself through real possession there is nothing that will harm is host. As the owner of all metals it is impossible for him to be harmed by one, here we see a machete pass through the neck of this person and  yet he is still alive, yet there is no blood. We can also see how deep his blade goes into his arm and again no blood ! This is exactly what you call a true passing / possession of Orisa

But not all possessions are real , even for some that look to be very authentic so please beware of the phony ! This video below we see a drumming dedicated to Yemaya where the person claims to be possessed by the Orisa . Now im not discrediting him completely, he may or may not be possessed by a spirit or something but it is def not the powerful Orisa Yemaya. We can see at 2:38 sec into the clip as he squats down and then quickly pops up when he notices a wave coming in order to avoid getting wet  ,..LOL Sorry but its just that avoiding getting wet is just not what i expect from the Goddess of the sea !!!  Let us compare the difference.

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  1. the video of the person with the knife is not possessed with a yoruba orisha but a vodoun i know of this vodoun and have seen this many time with fellow priest that have this spirit .

    Comment by leo nana | February 22, 2013 | Reply

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