Letra del anio 2012-2013 – Letter of the year World Ifa new year odu 2012

Ifa odun oke itase:  OGBE-YONU-Message from Ile-Ife                            Image
The Orunmila Barami Agbonmiregun, the World Ifa Festival was held Saturday June 2-3, 2012 at Oketase the World Ifa Temple, Ile-Ife. This festival celebrates the New Year for all the traditional Yoruba practitioners.

Orunmila AGBONNIREGUN ANNUAL FESTIVAL 2012/2013  On Saturday/Sunday June 2/3

This year’s World Ifa festival was attended by many from within Nigeria as well as from all over the world. The rituals began in the early morning and continued into the following day.

This year’s odu is Ogbe Iyonu ( Ogbe Yonu ) / Ogbe Ogunda, came with IRE AJE

In this year Ifa is telling devotees to be patient (suuru). Money will come to those that make the proper sacrifice in the new year but one must be careful of some embarassment that may be associated with this good fortune.

Ifa devotees must take care of their destiny in this New Year. One must feed their head for it is the head that will bless you in this New Year. There may be fighting, a practitioner of Ifa should not fight.

Lost of children will be born this year , we will have many DADA children born. They will bring many special blessings. It is important to feed Agbonmiregun this year in orde for blessing of this odu to manifest.  It is also important to feed Ogun and your own head Ori

Ifa says do not fight !  If insult should come out do not be quick to anger. Use the hand to rub the stomach this will help you stay calm. Becareful with friends they have tendency to give bad advice.

Ifa devotee should not drink . Be careful with the words that fall from your mouth do not curse and keep a cool head.

Married couples will see problems this year , Do not fight you should preserve do not give up on the relationship. Ifa tells us its very important we should not lie this NewYear. To see the truth in others lies a sacrifice must be made.

All ifa devotee must take good care of children. The children will bring great blessing , they will be many new children and many new Apetebi this year.

Must make sacrifice to Esu , and be careful of the food you eat and drink outside. Dont stay out late in the city because people are planing bad things

Ifa says we must make sacrifice in order to keep our property , Ifa stresses that we must have patience.

Dont let people know everything and keep your secrets in your mind and dont trust anyone ok.

ifa says fighting has come and we must be careful with the words that fall from our mouth

Aboru Aboye !!

Sacrifice should be done :

1-Agbo to feed Abonmiregun

1- Elede to feed Ifa

1- Obuko to feed Esu

1- Eyele to feed Ori

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IYANIFA praise IFA and learn as Babalawos

This i publish with immense happiness and gratitude . Thanking the all mighty for blessing this family and giving great meaning to this religion. Children are the best sign of prosperity on this land and are the ones that can assure that legacy and tradition continue. We praise IFA and give gratitude for accepting this new life. Women in this religion are very important will any of us be here without our mother and her sacrifice ? Lets not allow anyone to lie and cheat our women anymore this here is proof that women CAN initiate into IFA let this be proof and inspiration to us all on how our legacy and tradition will stay alive let us pass down our culture to our young ones IYAN IFA , ABORU ABOYE !

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Homage to Orisa-nla – powerfull Orisa Obatala

I been fortunate in life to be witness to many special moments , moments that mark something special in my life as witness to something truly amazing. This post i want to share with all of you a picture which i took some time ago . This pictures speaks for its self as many of the ones here , I invite all of you to remember the remarkable moment and energy felt when in the presence of Orisa

From what i recall it is a moment of Bliss – filled with light and positivity – something that cannot be duplicated , held or even described. So while life can bring us many surprises ups , downs , and twists lets try to go back to the feeling that i call ” PURITY ”


When life gives us curves , we should remember those before us those who paved the way for Ile Ife and those who forgave so that we may also forgive and do our best to fill our harts with ” Purity ”  I pay homage and respect to Baba-Fun Fun  may he give us patience ,wisdom and understanding since he created us with this quality may he continue to grant us with this blessing.

Let us respect each other , and most important find a way to forgive , life is not perfect and even in the story of the creation it tells of error that was made. We are not Olodumare just his children , let us respect each other as Obatala created us to do so.

Aboru , Aboye , Abosise !

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Muddy Waters

So i was on facebook just doing some my regular greeting and connecting with those who are far,… I came across this comment and

thought it was interesting ,  What are all your thoughts on this?

       What is the profound thought that is inspired on this Ose Orisa Obatala, Orisa Yemo, Orisa Obaluaiye, Ebora Egungun Nla, and Iyami Osoronga?

Why is it when those of us in the Diaspora, who are led to the fresh water of Ifa and Orisa education continue to love drinking the muddy waters of limited information portrayed as the real thing? How effective can this  be to you in the end?

BY : Fayomi Falade Aworeni Obafemi (Oloye)

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The Power Of Aja & Ogun

Ogun will bless all babalawo and all omo awo…? Iwori we e n da .,. ogbo ogun …ebo ni ka maru … adifa fun aji jo ola ogun ..ero opo ..ero ofa ..ti oba bi ni nibe e;; ogun nibo …? ogun a gbe wa o ? bi gbon suti i ..ogun agbe mi leke…bi gbon suti i ogun a gbe wa leke ….. ase oooooooooooooooooooooooooo​………

                         The power of Ajala , This is the Yoruba word that can translate to “warrior.”  Today i pay homage to Ogun and his warrior manifestation.  The hunters in traditional Yoruba culture are also the known as the warriors. They are called Ajala which literally translates as “Dog of White Cloth.” The dog in Ifá is a messenger to Spirit like the Nimbus in Egyptian culture. It is not a derogatory reference but when you say that you are a dog of white light, you are saying that you are a messenger of ethical conduct. In the act of making ebo you become Ajala. You become the vehicle in which ethical conduct is incarnated. White cloth is a reference to white light which is the principle that is at the foundation of the idea that everything is connected Ogun Lakaye we praise and give homage to you baba we recognize that the chain was a important instrument when one used it to climb down from heaven to earth. Ogun allow us to be successful and to always be needed in the same way the we need and depend on all your instruments of metal.   Ase’Ogun a gbe wa o


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2011-2012 Odu IFA of the year Africa – Letra del Anio en Africa 2011-2012

AGBONNIREGUN ANNUAL FESTIVAL 2011/2012   On Saturday/Sunday June 4/5

The Annual Agbonniregun Ifa Festival was held at Oke Itase Orunmila Temple, Ile Ife. During Ifa consultation,

New Odu for the year Obara Ogunda was revealed. Ifa foresees Ire Gbogbo (All Ire of life). Ifa says that ebo will enable all the ire to manifest. By virtue of this Odu, and in cognizance of the fact that Ifa foresees ire, there is the need for all Ifa devotees the world over to propitiate their Ifa with two kolanuts, four bitterkolas, one hen and money each. In addition to this, all those born by this Odu are expected to specifically ask Ifa what Ifa will take from them in order for all the Ire in their Odu to manifest in this year.


  1. Ifa assures all devotees that they are going to receive the blessing of all ire of life this year. There is no exception in all the ire that devotees will be blessed with. Ifa foresees ire of prosperity, compatible spouse, great children, properties, sound health, long life, contentment, and self actualization during the year. Ifa says that the foundation of all these ire will be laid in one day. Ifa however cautions that in this same year those who are envious of the achievements of all Ifa devotees will be very busy at work but they will all fail. Ifa advises each devotee to offer ebo with two pigeons, two hens, two guinea-fowls, two roosters, two ducks, four rats, four fish, and money. On this, Ifa says: Ile san mi Okoo san mi Dia fun Akinsanmi Tii somo Ikori-Aga Eyi to debiti sile Ti ko ri nkankan pa Ebo ni won ni ko waa se O gbe’bo, o ru’bo Nigbati yoo rii A-re-siwaju p’ogun A-re-seyin p’ogbon A-re-saarin gbungun p’aadota O n’owo fa iti gbungbun Igbin 16 tun jade Igbati o la’nu re haa Oyin tun nkan sii le’nu Yoo pada de’le Iyawo to l’oyun ti bi ibeji O ni aye oun wa dabi aye Alaafin Ko pe, ko jinna E wa ba ni ni wowo ire gbogbo

Translation I benefit from home And I also benefit in the farm Ifa’s message for Akinsanmi The offspring of Ikori-Aga He who set a trap Without killing any game He was advised to offer ebo He complied Before he realized it The front stroke of the trap killed 20 animals The back stroke killed 30 animals The middle stroke kills 50 animals He pulled a creeper in order to use it as rope Sixteen land snails fell down When he opened his mouth in exclamation Honey dropped into his mouth When he returned home His pregnant wife delivered a set of twins He declared that his life is as rewarding as the life of Alaafin Before long not too far Join us in the midst of all ire of life Ifa however enjoins all Ifa devotees never to tell lies and never to be found among people of questionable character. Ifa insists that all devotees must be found of impeccable character. Even when enemies rise up, they will be incapacitated by the might of the truth.

2. Ifa says that the success that all devotees will have during this year will also extend to their siblings. This is the reason why there is the need to offer the same ebo as in 1 above for all our siblings in order to ensure that all of us benefit from the blessing that Ifa is doling out to all devotees this year.                                                                                                                                                                         On this, Ifa says: Igi nla abeso buuru Dia fun Olobara Tii s’olotan Ogunda Ebo ni won ni ko waa se O gb’ebo, o ru’bo Ko pe, ko jinna E wa ba ni ni jebutu ire Translation A big tree with plenty of fruit Ifa’s message for Olobara Who was the sibling of Ogunda They were both advised to offer ebo They complied Before long, not too far Joins us in the midst of all ire of life

3. Ifa says that in order for many Ifa devotees who are not yet initiated into Ifa to benefit fully from all the blessings of Ifa, there is the need for all of them to be initiated into Ifa as quickly as possible. Doing this will bring financial success, elevation, progress, and self actualization. Ifa advises all uninitiated devotees to offer ebo with four pigeons each and money. After this, each of them needs to be initiated into Ifa as soon as possible.                                                                                                                                                 Amodun o jinna K’eni o ma hu eebu je o Dia fun Orunmila Ti yoo t’ori Akapo o re bo’nu Igbo Ebo ni won ni ko waa se O gb’ebo, o ru’bo Igbati Orunmila t’ori Akapo re bo’nu Igbo L’aje waa de gbuurugbu Ero Ipo ati Ofa E waa ba’ni ba’yo E waa wo’re          Translation Next year is not far Let no one eat what they are supposed to plant Ifa’s message for Orunmila When going to subject his Akapo to Ifa initiation rites He was advised to offer ebo He complied When Orunmila subjected his Akapo to Ifa initiation rites The ire of financial success came trooping in Travelers to Ipo and Ofa towns Join us in the midst of joy Come and perceive all ire of life

4.Ifa says that all devotees shall be blessed with all ire of life without exception. It is an assurance that Ifa is giving all its followers. Ifa however advises us to ensure that we feed the Elders of the Night constantly in order for them not to constitute themselves into cogs in the wheels of our progress. Ebo materials here are two pigeons, two guinea-fowls, two hens, two roosters, two ducks, and money. There is also the need to feed Ifa with one hen and to feed the Elders of the Night with another hen.              On this, Ifa says: Omi igbo ri’bi do O ni ohun okinkin ninu omi Ope eluju ri’bi do O ni ohun orojorojo ni’mo Dia fun Orunmila O nsawo re’lu Ekun Ebo ni won ni ko waa se O gb’ebo, o ru’bo Aje lo wu mi e dakun Eyin eniyan e dakun Aya lo wu mi e dakun Eyin eniyan e dakun Omo lo wu mi e dakun Eyin eniyan e dakun Ile lo wu mi e dakun Eyin eniyan e dakun Ogbo lo wu mi e dakun Eyin eniyan e dakun Ire gbogbo lo wu mi e dakun Eyin eniyan e dakun                                                                                                       Translation The pool in the forest had a place to stay And declared that it was a giant body of water The palm-tree of the wilderness had a place to stay And declared that it had glorious palm-frond Ifa’s message for Orunmila When going to the town of Ekun, appeal He was advised to offer ebo He complied I am in love with financial success, I appeal to you You human beings please I plead I am in love with compatible spouse, I appeal to you You human beings please I plead I am in love with beautiful children, I appeal to you You human beings please I plead I am in love with property, I appeal to you You human beings please I plead I am in love with long life, I appeal to you You human beings please I plead I am in love with all ire of life, I appeal to you You human beings please I plead

5. Ifa also says that we shall be blessed with honour dignity and respect this year. Ifa advises us to offer ebo together with either a close friend or sibling. Ifa says that both of us shall succeed together. This is very important in order to avoid a situation where one will be seen to have succeeded at the expense of the other. Ebo materials; two guinea-fowls, two pigeons and money each. Each of them also needs to feed the Ori of the other with one guinea-fowls.                                                                                                     On this, Ifa says: Oko titun won o ro’ju Aja titun won o ro’hun Dia fun Lakade tii se’ya Igba Dia fun Lakade tii seya Awo Ebo ni won ni ki won waa se Awo nikan ni nbe l’eyin ti n s’ebo Igba kii gbe’le o K’eni m’Awo r’odo Ori rere nt’Awo                                        Translation A new hoe is not sharp And a dangler does not sound loud enough Ifa’s message for Lakade Who was the mother of Igba, the Calabash And the mother of Awo, the Plate They were advised to offer ebo Only Awo complied The Calabash will not be in the house For us to take the Plate to the stream The Awo is endowed with good luck

6. Ifa says that there is a serious curse on the head of the devotees. The curse is the root cause of all their problems. There is the need to remove this curse so that their lives will have meaning. Ebo material: two matured rams, all edible fruits, one big calabash, one bundle of white cloth, four white pigeons, and money. After the ebo, they will put kolanut, red parrot feather, alligator pepper, bitterkola, and liquor inside the calabash. They will also slaughter one pigeon and put the head inside the calabash. They will take everything to the tomb of one of their paternal ancestors. They will dig the ground of the grave and bury the calabash there. They will place the white clothe in the dug hole before they place the calabash on top and bury everything. One of the rams will be slaughtered there and the curse will disappear.                                                                                                                                                    Agbe ni o d’ale o Emi lo d’ale Aluko lo d’aaro Mo lo d’aaro Odidere lo di iyaleta ola Mo lo di iyaleta ola o Oofe mi ku lo ta’jaa re l’okoo Dia fun Olobara Ti nru’gba egun kiri Ebo ni won ni ko waa se O gb’ebo, o ru’bo Olobara o ba da’gba egun nu Koo gbe’gba omo o Translation Agbe the blue turacco says it is evening time I chorused that it is evening time Aluko the maroon turacco says it is morning time And I chorused that it is morning time Odidere the parrot says it is midmorning time tomorrow I chorused that it is midmorning time tomorrow Those who do not want to see one progressing Sell their wares cheaply in order to spoil one’s market Ifa’s message for Olobara Who had been carrying the calabash of curses everywhere He was advised to offer ebo He complied Olobara please overturn the calabash of curse And carry the calabash of child bearing

7. Ifa says that there are some women who have not received the blessing of the fruit of the womb yet. Ifa says that these women are the architects of their problems. If they are ready to give birth to their own babies, they need to offer ebo with 16 land snails, 16 Efun, 8 pigeons, 8 guinea-fowls and money each. Each of them also needs to feed Obatala as prescribed by Ifa. Ire ni’Faa mi wi Ifaa mi o su’bi Dia fun Aganjobi omo Oloosa Odo Eyi ti Oosa o k’owoo re b’osun Tii yoo maa k’owo ara re bo’nu epo Ebo ni won ni ko waa se O ko’ti ogbonyin s’ebo Gbogbo isowo Ope Eni gb’ebo nibe ko waa s’ebo o                                                                                        Translation Ire is what my Ifa foresees My Ifa does not foresee evil Ifa’s message for Aganjobi The offspring of Oloosa-Odo She whose hand was been dipped into camwood But who will rather prefer to deep her hand into palm-oil She was advised to offer ebo She refused to comply Ifa all devotees Let those advised to offer ebo comply accordingly

8. Ifa says that some Ifa devotees had been blessed and they had been given prominence by Ifa. Instead of them to be contented with what Ifa had done, they are planning and behaving in a way that will make them overstep their bounds. Ifa warns that this people will meet with shame and disgrace. Ifa warns that all male married devotees must not allow their women to push them into doing what is abominable. In the same vein, all female married devotees must not push their men into committing social, economic, spiritual, or physical taboo. Ifa advises this people to offer ebo with one matured he-goat and to heed Ifa’s warning.

Bi aye ba ye won tan Iwa ibaje ni won nhu Dia fun Onjemi Akoko To mo awo tan To ni o ku obinrin oun Ebo ni won ni ko waa se O ko’ti ogbonyin s’ebo Bi e ba taa wo bi o ba jo o E lo si apere obawo                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Translation Whenever they meet with the favor of the world They begin to engage in misconduct Ifa’s message for Onjemi Akoko He who was shown the secret of Oro And insisted that his wife must also be shown the secret He was advised to offer ebo He refused to comply If the Oro icon refuses to function Go and check the seat of the Oba

9. Ifa says that there is the need for all devotees to offer ebo in order not to be incarcerated this year. The threat of going to jail is very is palpable for many devotees. The ebo that each person will offer will be what will save the person from going to jail in this year. Ifa advises each person to offer ebo with 16 water yams, long chain, one matured he-goat and money. What will bring these people to jail is what they know nothing about.

On this, Ifa says: Ipobiri lawo Ipobiri Ipobiri lawo Ipobiri Ipobiri lawo Ipobiripo Dia fun Ori-akiti ab’iponkun l’aya Won ni ko ru’bo Ko ma baa w’ewon l’odun’nii O ko’ti ogbonyin se’bo O ni oun o ba tete mo Oun o ba ti s’ebo Ipobiri Oun o ba tete mo Oun o ba ti s’ebo Ipobiri O ni oun o ba tete mo Oun o ba ti s’ebo Ipobiri-pobiri-po Gbogbo isowo ope Eni gb’ebo ni’be ko waa s’ebo      Translation Ipobiri is the awo of Ipobiri Ipobiri is the awo of Ipobiri Ipobiri is the awo of Ipobiripo Ifa’s message for Oori Akiti, the Monkey He was advised to offer ebo In order not to go to jail that year He refused to comply He said that had he known on time He would have offered the ebo of Ipobiri And he would have offered the ebo of Ipobiri He would have also offered the ebo of Ipobiri-pobiri-po All Ifa devotees Let those advised to offer ebo do so accordingly

10. Ifa says that it foresees victory for all devotees this year. Ifa promises that all devotees shall be set free from the grip of their tormentors. Ebo materials; two guinea-fowls, two pigeons, one he-goat and money. On this, Ifa says: Egun tan, egun tan ni won n gun iyan Egun ku egun ku ni won n gun olo Dia fun Ina Ti o nda Aaro l’aamu A bu fun Aaro Eyi ti Ina fe se bi ose ti ns’oju Ebo ni won ni ko waa se Aaro nikan ni nbe l’eyin ti n s’ebo Ero Ipo, ero Ofa Eyin o mo wipe egun Ina o mu Aaro ri ni? Translation The curse is over is the sound of the mortar when pounding yam The curse remains is the sound of the grinding stone Ifa’s message for Ina, Fire When going to give Aaro the hearten stone trouble Ifa’s message for Aaro the hearten stone Who was being given incessant trouble He was advised to offer ebo Only the hearten stone complied Travelers to Ipo and Ofa towns Don’t you know that the curse of fire will never affect the hearten stone?

Aboru Aboye.


     1. IFA – for support, victory, progress, elevation, success, sanctuary, guidance and peace of mind

2. Ori – for fulfillment of destiny, elevations, success, peace of mind, guidance, support and self actualization

3. Esu-Odara – for support, victory, progress, leadership, elevation, support, protection and peace of mind

4. Obatala – for leadership, guidance, sanctuary and all encompassing ire of life

5. Ogun – for victory, support, elevation, and sanctuary

6. Egungun – for ancestral support, leadership and victory

7. Osun – for compatible spouse, childbearing, childrearing and love


1. Must never tell lies – to avoid unconsummated fortune

2. Must never allow a woman to push him into doing abominable things – to avoid failure and disaster

3. Must never go to any party or ceremony without asking Ifa first – to avoid trouble and disaster

4. Must never brag over anything – to avoid trouble and incarceration

5. Must never use the blue turacco and the maroon turacco for anything – to avoid unconsummated fortune and failure

6. Must never consume the land snail – to avoid unconsummated fortune

7. Must never pay good with evil – to avoid unconsummated fortune, failure, disgrace, and disaster.

Aboru Aboye Solagbade Popoola.

Chairman, Ethics and Scripture International Council for Ifa Religion.

Rector, Ifa International Training Institute.

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Ifa Initiation

Here are some pictures of a powerfull trip to the mother land,  This ceremony was in the house and temple of the current Araba of Lagos in Lagos City Nigeria “Araba Fatunmbi Agboola ”  here is a Picture with Fatunmbi himself

I was thinking of writting something here but i think the pictures speak for themself , im honestly a bit emotional just looking at the pictures i will try and wrtite something at a later moment , feel free to comment or ask any questions.




9 yr old IyanIfa holding ESU next to Babalawo IfaKolade who is holding Osun staff and directing this particular ceremony which was done outside on the rhoad. One thing i found very interesting was that none of this was hidden from the public , religion is not a secret and even those who do not follow Yoruba tradition respected what one was doing. As you can see from what the pictures show some of this was done out in the open the same way it has been done for thousands of years.


Chief Oluwo Oye Niyi Awolola Agboola & Oyubuna Fasina Oyeleke

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Interesting Video Interview With Babalawo Chief Ayo Salami

Aboru Aboye , this is a interesting interview with World renown babalwo Chief Ayo Salami courtesy  of

Ika Kolada  who is conducting the interview and asking the questions.

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Oriki -Prayer for Ori

Bi o ba maa lowo,
If you want to have money,

Beere lowo orii re,
Inquire of your head,

Bi o ba maa sowo,
If you want to start trading,

Beere Lowo ori re wo,
Inquire of your head,

Bi o ba maa kole o,
If you want to build a house,

Beere lowo orii re,
Inquire of your head,

Bi o ba maa laya o,
If you want a relationship,

Beere lowo orii re wo,
Inquire of your head first,

Ori mase pekun de,
Inner spirit please do not shut the gate,

Lodo re ni mi mbo,
It is you that I am coming to,

Wa sayee fun awon omo mi di rere,
Come and make my life prosperous,

So be it.

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